March 24,2020

Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions to launch AI Drone solution

Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, experts in the field of wired and wireless Telecom Networks (TETRA & Public Safety LTE), and Security Solutions, will be showcasing their latest and innovative products designed for public safety at GITEX 2019; an annual exhibition taking place from the 6th to the 10th of October, at Sheikh Saeed Hall 3.

Esharah’s participation reflects the dynamism and growing size of the region’s security and safety market. The company will be presenting its products and solutions which include cameras utilizing Artificial intelligence. Esharah will install Artificial Intelligence cameras at Nedaa stand to monitor visitors arriving, providing information about the male and female count, as well as the number of people entering the venue. The company will also present CAD technology connected to tesla at their stand that can be used to record incidents using Nedaa’s 4G network; the STASHCAT secure messenger application that helps create communication groups for the team and assists in sending messages, videos, pictures etc. using real time end-to-end encryption.

Drones play an important role in work processes where safety, speed and accuracy are crucial. Esharah’s latest drone technology uses artificial intelligence adding to the drone’s capabilities to make it smarter and more efficient. Machine learning algorithms improve the drone performance over time as they are repeatedly exposed to increased data. The drones also have the ability to analyze visual input, in addition to using the input of sensors to add value and process information faster; an element critical in incident response.

Ali Bahlooq, General Manager Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions commented: “Digitization and technological advancements in camera, drone specifications, mapping software, and sensory applications are expected to drive the commercial drone market growth. Drone technology is rapidly emerging as innovative front runners in the safety and security sector. At Esharah, safety is our primary focus and we take pride in bringing forth technologies that can be implemented to ensure that both regionally and globally. This is an exciting time for the IOT sector, with continued growth in solutions to cater to the increased demands in this area, in turn creating new opportunities for implementing innovative solutions that can drive greater efficiency with less cost. We are honored to take part in this year’s event and look forward to meeting with partners and customers eager to join us in our journey”.