January 13,2022

Esharah deploys thousands of Airbus Tetra handheld communication devices to secure Expo 2020

Dubai, UAE: Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, a subsidiary of UAE government entity Professional Communication Corporation (Nedaa) and the Official Secure Systems Provider of Expo 2020 Dubai, has deployed its state-of-the-art, mission-critical communication solution at the Expo site where it currently runs its Operations Center.

Esharah has made available thousands of Airbus TETRA handheld communication devices to first responders assigned to the Expo to help ensure safety and security at the ongoing grand global event.

Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS), and Expo security and site management teams, among others, that are operating at Esharah’s command and control center can easily connect with their staff on the field who are carrying the handheld mobile communication technologies. Esharah’s system also allows various agencies to communicate via the solution’s shared Talkgroups feature for faster collaboration during daily operations and emergencies.

With enhanced performance, the deployed modern equipment have wider coverage and are equipped with advanced voice and data communication functionalities. They ensure reliable and secure connectivity among mission-critical users wherever they are positioned across the 4.38-square kilometer venue.

Esharah has also set up a dedicated Service Center at the Expo site to provide support to all users of TETRA and Nedaa’s LTE private mobile radio (PMR) networks. Located at the back of Expo 2020’s main office and is close to the main operations center, the facility is manned by a team of specialists ready to program, reprogram, and repair the radio devices, as well as support other related needs on-site. Additionally, Esharah has installed two UV sanitizing machines into the facility in compliance with the UAE Government’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Aside from the Service Center, whose operation hours follow that of the Expo’s, Esharah has put in place a service team at each Zone Operations Center of the Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility Districts, Expo’s three main districts, to guarantee fast support to all device users.

Ali Bahlooq, General Manager of Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions , said:“In any massive event such as the Expo, security is of paramount importance. At Expo 2020, all systems are in place to ensure the safety of all participants and visitors. We are happy to be allowed to play a role in maintaining order on-site. As the World Expo’s Official Secure Systems Provider, our mission is to deliver total communications solution for security entities operating at the Expo 2020, as well as help safeguard the general public and enhance their experience.”

“As a critical communications provider, we help connect safety and security teams and enable them to efficiently and timely respond to any eventuality. We also have staff members who are based on-site 24/7 to maintain and address any incident that may arise during normal day-to-day operations. Our efforts show our commitment to the overall success of Expo 2020,” Bahlooq added.

Esharah, which was named the Official Secure Systems Provider in early 2020, is an expert in the field of wired and wireless telecom networks (Tetra and Public Safety LTE) and security solutions. Its top clients in Dubai include Dubai Police, Dubai Airports, DP World, and the Roads and Transport Authority.